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805, 807, 725 Wonder-Under®
  • The paper backed adhesive web that turns any fabric into a fusible fabric.
  • Fuses fabric to fabric or to a porous surface such as wood or cardboard. For denim, canvas or other heavy fabrics, use
  • Heavy Duty Wonder Under, when extra holding power is needed. ALWAYS PRE-TEST.
  • Has no grain - can be cut and applied in any direction.
  • Finished item can be washed or dry-cleaned; according to the fabric's care requirements.


  •   Place rough side of Wonder-Under against wrong side of fabric. Press for 5-8 seconds with hot, dry iron. Let cool, draw desired shape onto paper backing, then cut
  •   Alternative method: Trace shape onto paper backing, cut to size, then press, rough side down, onto fabric. (Note: To avoid backward letters and numbers, draw on rough side of Wonder-Under with ballpoint pen. For dark fabrics, redraw shape on paper side.)
2. Step 2: PEEL & FUSE
  •   Gently peel off paper backing. Position fusible fabric, web side down, on the project. Cover with DAMP press cloth.
  •   With iron at wool setting, press FIRMLY for 10-15 seconds. (Heavier fabrics = more time.) Repeat, lifting and overlapping iron until all fabric is fused.
  •   Remove press cloth and iron fabric to eliminate excess moisture.
  •   Tip: Use your damp press cloth as a temperature and timing guide. After 10 seconds, press cloth should be dry. If not, raise iron temperature or hold iron in place a few seconds longer.
  •   Tips: With “fat/thin" or "heavy/light" fabric combinations, fuse from thinner or lighter side. If necessary, "baste" first by ironing on the right side.

Care Instructions:

  •   Washable, dry cleanable
  •   Machine wash Warm, Delicate cycle.
  •   Do not use fabric softener.
  •   Tumble dry Low.

Special Techniques:

  •   For hems: Cut and press strips of Wonder-Under to hem allowance. Peel off paper, turn up hem and fuse.
  •   For layered appliques: Press Wonder-Under onto fabric and cut out base shape. Use Wonder-Under to fuse details to applique, then peel paper backing off base and fuse completed applique to project. If desired, machine stitch around edges of applique.
  •   Create reversible fabrics or sturdier projects by fusing two layers of fabric together with Wonder-Under.
  •   Cover wood or cardboard items, such as room dividers, valances and boxes, with fabric using Wonder-Under.

  •   For best results, store unused Wonder-Under by rolling it onto a tube (Instead of folding).
  •   Overtime, if Wonder-Under separates from the paper, it can still be used. Simply place the web on the surface to be fused, cover with the Wonder-Under release paper, and press with a hot, dry iron. Fabric, web and paper will stick together. Proceed with directions for cutting, peeling and fusing.