Our New Web Store


Our Mission

  • Our mission is to :

  •    *provide quality supplies for all kinds of crafting
  •    *Inspire our visitors with new and exciting displays
  •    *Challenge our customers to try a new craft."you can do it!"
  •    *Give friendly, helpful service and enjoy what we do
  •    *Honor God with our business and friendship

     Our shop was established in 1984 in a little storefront at the edge of town. We were there three years, then needed more space as the area became more widely known. So we moved into an old grocery store building uptown, and have been expanding ever since.

     In our two-story building, we have departments for many fabrics, walls of patterns, a complete wool room with 100% wool and hand-dyed wools, locally handmade gift items, & more!   Our specialty is our wide selection of handwoven, homespun fabrics, many of which are brushed on one side!   CCC is also the home of "Backyard Friends", my pattern design company.

     You can visit us on the web at www.countrycraftcupboard.com or www.backyard-friends.com . Karen

How We Started

     After the birth of her third child, singer/songwriter, & RN Karen, needed more than just picking up the occasional 'dollar' from her 'busy' work.

     From cake decorating to creating fun items for home and personal wear, she wanted to share with friends and neighbors.

     She rented a small storefront with her cousin Mary, and begin to expand her product lines and designs.  They named the store Country Craft Cupboard, as many of the products and fabrics were displayed in old 'cupboards' on the main floor.


     As Karen's  designs became more popular, and were picked up by distributors, she named this portion of her business as Backyard Friends.  Many of her customers were neighbors and friends in the rural community where she was born and raised.

      Her designs were also published in several pattern books and magazines, including Create and Decorate, for many years.
     After purchasing the current building with attached house in Berlin, she also did her own 'screen printing' and automated machine 'embroidering'.  These are now history, as are 'counted cross stitch', 'scrap booking', 'painting supplies', 'stamping', 'frames', and 'clay sculpting'.
     Over the years, she has tailored her offerings to those most preferred by the crafting community, but still is open to new and different products or techniques.

Events for Crafters

      As an outlet for those house-bound crafters in the winter months, classes are offered in the Berlin Store and at some select local Inns and B&Bs.

      The Classes range from 'needle punch' to 'wool applique'. For a current list of our Classes, please check our web site.
      As time permits, we will be offering some instructions in E-Book and printed booklet form.  Also we will be offering video instruction courses on some of the most popular crafts.
      If you need special help or instructions on any of our patterns or crafting kits, please contact us (see Contact Us) button on our web site.

      Several years ago, Karen began a special event at the end of January to help break up the Winter blahs.  It was called a 'Pajama Party' and offered shoppers a discount of 40% on all purchases from 6am to 9am on a Saturday morning.  The catch was that all shoppers had to be wearing Pajamas to be allowed into the store.  Front door 'bouncers' also issued large shopping bags.  Many have reserved rooms with our local lodgings for this weekend every year and do some pre-party scouting of the items they are interested in. 
     The event became so popular that most of the other merchants in town also opened early and offered discounts, with the understanding that they would not open their doors until at least 7am.
     Even in cold and snowy mornings, it is not unusual to see some in line as much as an hour before opening.  See details for this event on our web site.

Designs, Models, and Fabrics

      Just inside the store on the main floor, you will find this corner, across from the check-out, which has the latest of Karen's designs with the original models!

      The entire section here is Backyard Friends wearables and home decor'!

      You'll also be able to find some of the older samples still available here and on our website, as well as kits for many of them!
     Karen has published hundreds of patterns over the past 30+ years, many of which were picked up by national distributors and magazines.  It is interesting to see the variety of ideas brought to 'life' in her models.

      A favorite of our customers are our Fat Quarters! These are 18"X22" pieces of fabric, and we cut them from homespuns, brushed homespuns, & prints! This allows you to choose just what you need and co-ordinate them with others, without a trip to the cutting table!

      Also popular are our "Little Bits" - 5 1/2" squares of homespun for those little applique pieces.

      We have the area's largest stock of Homespun fabrics and very large selection of popular prints and patterns from the leading fabric suppliers.

      We even carry many fabric patterns which were designed by our own personnel. Our shelves are full of quality fabrics in rich colors!

      You'll find some shelves rotating with the seasons and others full of staples such as muslin, osnaburg, flannels, and more!

Favorite Homespun Fabrics

     In the center of the shop, surrounded by a swirl of fabrics is our main cutting table! Bring your questions for fabrics here!

      The wall behind is filled with quilts, shirts, purses, & more to inspire you!

       Look above the fabric shelves and pattern walls to find models of every kind.  Most pattern types will have samples and models to allow you to see the finished product.  Of course, all patterns are subject to your personal interpretation of what the final results will be, but these samples will help you visualize your ideal.
     Whether at the store on on-line, please ask if you need help in technique or materials.

      Our Homespun shelves are one of the favorite spots in the shop! We are known for our quality homespuns! We feature Moda fabrics, but also carry several other homespun lines!

      You really need to browse in this corner and touch the fabric to appreciate it! In all our favorite colors for the primitive look - dark reds, blues, greens, golds, pumpkins & more!

      An added bonus - most homespuns are "brushed" on one side, so you have the feel of flannel, or can choose to use the homespun side since they are hand-woven!

      A special line of homespuns have been designed by the owner, Karen and an employee, Marlene Troyer!

      As you walk through the rainbow of homespuns, you will be nearing the rear of the shop where our wool, wool felt, and flannels department is located!

      The thick walls are reminders of the original grocery store's meat department of long ago.

Our Wool Room

      As 'Wool' and 'Wool Applique' became more popular, wool kits were offered to complement some of Karen's designs.  There was an operational 'Wool Mill' in the Berlin area until recently, and several individuals who had experience in wool and hand dyed wools were contacted to provide some very unique varieties. 

      The 'Wool Room' is where the original general store had a locker service for the community.  The walls and ceilings were well insulated and the area is perfect for all of the wools and wool felts.  We keep a good variety on hand and 'kit' some for the patterns we offer.

      The Wool Room (which still has the original floor from the 1930s) is now filled with 100% wool, hand-dyed wool,dyes, and patterns to use them.

      Dyed locally, these wonderful warm wools are available in 5" squares for small projects, or fat eighths for those larger ones!

      You can spend time in this room just browsing the wall & racks of patterns using wool!
      What fun!

Kits, Patterns, and Supplies

      Here in the wool room, you'll find cubby-hole shelves stocked with kits we assemble for your convenience!

      Done in 100% wool, we pre-wash all the pieces included in the kit to save you time! This also assures that the wool is pre-shrunk and the size you need!

      The Wool Cutting table in the wool room is for your convenience in purchasing wool from the bolts!

      Samples of patterns using our wools are around the entire room and also behind this table.

      Running the entire length of the shop, this aisle is filled with patterns and books!  Anything from wearables, handbags, bears, bunnies, and dolls, to wall-hangings, quilts, & home decor!

      Samples of many of the patterns line the shelves above!  On shelves, in cupboards, on walls- anyplace we find space, we fill with samples of our patterns to give you the bonus of seeing them "in person"!

      All of our patterns list the supplies needed and you can easily add them to your shopping basket as you browse.

Samples and Punchneedle

      Tucked into the very front of the shop, this little corner inside the front window is filled with samples and fun things for the season!

      You will also find handmade items, most of which have been created by employees! Many are one-of-a-kind, so check them out often.  Come and browse!!  These are also often offered on-line at our web store. 
     Patterns and kits are usually displayed with the models but can always be found with help from your friendly CCC employee.

      Revived from an old art, Punchneedle has become one of the favorites of our crafters!

      We sell all the supplies you need to punch a beautiful heirloom - hoops, fabric, threads, weaver's cloth, and lots of patterns!!
      Create gifts that last a lifetime and could be passed on with pride to the future generations.

      Once you learn the basics of punchneedle, it is fun to take them a step further and create beautiful and useful items for the home!!

      Stop in and see!!

Seasonal and Tea Towel Designs

      Everyone loves a snowman!!

      You will find lots of snowmen we have made up for you!

      See which one is your favorite!

      We keep these guys up all year because we love them too!!

      Catch the Christmas spirit anytime with our year-round display of Santas!

      You can get a head-start on your Christmas decorating!

      We add new ones all the time!!

      Check out our little cupboards filled with kitchen towels in our favorite primitive colors!

      We have solid-colored towels which are great for stitching on!

      And we have a large variety of plaids, stripes, and checks from various manufacturers!

      Displayed are neat ideas for appliqueing with fabric, wool felt, etc. Check out our patterns with 'kits'.

Wool Felts and Flannels

      To the left of our Wool Room, in the old walk-in cooler, you will find our Wool Felts and Flannels.

      The Wool Felt can be purchased by the yard, fat quarter, or 6" square and is a less expensive alternative to wool.