Our Area

    Welcome to Holmes County!  We are home to the world's largest Amish settlement!
    They are a community of caring. They carry no insurance, but in case of illness or disaster provide for their own.
    This is well evident by the barn raisings and the way they care for their elderly.

    They are very family-oriented. Their activities revolve around church and community.
    The Amish are very self-sufficient, growing their own food and preserving it, making their own clothes, etc.
    They are well known and respected as a conscientious and innovative people.


Farm Land

      Much of the land is still being farmed as it was in the early days.  It's enjoyable to drive through the country side and find a peace unusual in this day and age.

      Our neighbors still use horses, and even some mules, to plow and plant the fields.  It's hard work but the rewards of not having to depend on modern machines is very satisfying.  This is truly a dream of those who want to live off-the-grid and be self-sufficient. 

Peace and Quiet

      Relax in one of the many inns or cabins available in the area and realize the beauty of life in the world around us.

      Enjoy the fields and forests as few people can these days.  A common sight is the 'buggy' horses, grazing with the cattle on their time off.  

Fall Fields

    A large portion of the Amish community make their living on the family farm, while others are involved in industry in the area, such as furniture-making or construction.
    They are a very creative and talented people known for their quality of workmanship in furniture and handiwork of quilting and needlework!
    Their farms are always well maintained and very picturesque with their tilled fields, bright flower gardens, etc.
    They look upon God's handiwork as the perfect examples of beauty and function.

Produce Stands

    As you drive along our back roads, you'll find little produce stands here and there!

    The Amish are wonderful gardeners, and you can share in their bountiful harvests!

    Choose from fresh vegetables, flowers, or even home-baked specialties such as bread, pies, cookies, and fry pies!

Busy Road

    The horse and buggy are the chosen means of travel for the Amish doing business, for going to church, or just for visiting with friends and relatives!

    If its just a few miles, then walking is fine.

Sale Day

    Sale day happens on different days in different towns.

    While livestock is being auctioned off in the main sale barn, women browse through the flea market set up in the parking lot!

    Featuring mostly produce items, you'll also find flea market treasures such as antiques, children's toys, and more!

Little Angels

    Irresistible, innocent, and endearing!

    These little angels will warm your heart and make you smile!

    And leave you with memories of the special place Holmes County has found in your heart!

Amish Schools

    Nestled in the hills are little Amish Schools, situated to be within walking distance for all Amish children.

    The parochial schools are one room, grades 1-8, and usually have one teacher!

    Ball fields provide a fun recess time for these children!  The boys often put on 'horse-breaking' shows for the other children.  Their games reflect their culture.

Electricity NOT needed!

    The windmill is a familiar sight on the Amish homesteads!

    Driven by the wind, the windmill is used to pump water from cisterns or wells into the house and barn!  This is an example of the still-viable technology of a by-gone age.

Home in the Evening

     The best time of all, comes at the end of the day when the family finishes the chores and has time to share the day's events with those who love them most!

    A warm kitchen with the irresistible aromas of home baked bread and heaping dishes of meats and vegetables, is the perfect place to finish the day.


Area Photos